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Bathroom Ceramic Tile – When selecting bathroom ceramic tile, you need to consider the size of the tile itself. If you plan to use the ceramic tile for the flooring, it is advisable to choose smaller size. It increases the friction thus prevent you from slipping. It is also useful when you need to install it around your rounded tub. As you can see, rounded bathtub requires you to curve the tile around it. The installation process will be easier if you use small tile for this purpose. You can also arrange small tile in form of mosaic in order to create pleasant looking bathroom flooring.

Things will be the exact opposite if you use the bathroom ceramic tile for backsplash. If you want to use the ceramic tile for this purpose, you need to use bigger tile. Instead of improving the friction, big tile is able to make the water flowing easier. Ceramic tile with bigger size is also easy to work with. The main obstacle when installing bathroom backsplash is the metal showerhead. Install the showerhead in the section between the tiles. Alternatively, you can drill hole in the ceramic tile and place the metal showerhead through the hole. Make sure you use proper cementing paste to prevent leakage.

When installing ceramic tile, you might find hard times when working close to toilet, bathtub, medicine cabinet, sink or washbasin. To deal with this problem, you can cut the ceramic tile in particular shape according to the space left. Since cutting ceramic tile in curvy line is difficult, use smaller tile for this part. The bathroom ceramic tile comes with any shape to accommodate your need. You can take advantage of this feature to make overcome the obstacles you find when installing your bathroom. Those tiles are designed to fit perfectly with your bathroom interior.

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