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Cape Cod is an island that located independently separated from Massachusetts State. This specific area has distinctive interior design. The Cape Cod interior design is popular used for beach house decorating ideas. If you happen to have house located close to the beach and want to implement this interior design ideas for your house, then this article will give you some useful information. This distinctive interior design has several characteristic that you can use as guides in creating interior design with Cape Cod concept.

The first characteristic of Cape Cod interior design is located on the windows design. The authentic house on Cape Cod uses very large windows around their house. They use this design of window for one special reason. Since Cape Cod is located in close to the beachfront, it is important to see the beauty of the beach from inside your house. By using large windows, you can bring the beautiful panorama of the beach into your house. That is an amazing idea considering most beaches in Cape Cod has beautiful white sand. Imagine you are able to see the sun set panorama of the beach from your living room. Besides large windows, the door of this interior design is also using transparent glass framed in wooden doorframe.

Another distinctive Cape Cod interior design lies in the color scheme of the room. The wall is using khaki color or beige color. You can found the same color as wet beach sand. That is another amazing idea to bring the beach atmosphere into the room. Besides those two color schemes, you can also use the shades of the color. If the window frame of your interior design in your house is using the original color of the wood, then you can combine it with white color of the wall. Simple white color with original wood color is going to create balance color scheme for the room.

The last thing you should pay attention to is the furniture for the room. Most of the Cape Cod furniture using warm color scheme for the furniture. Soft brown color is the most used color for the chair and table for the entire house. As the material for the furniture, wooden material is the best material you can use. Most of the furniture and accessories of the room are using natural material such as wood. If you are trying to create nice interior design for your beach house incorporating Cape Cod interior design, then you can follow the guide mentioned above.

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