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Luxury small bathrooms may sound like an impossible thing. Nevertheless, small spaces may in fact come off as a design challenge which requires wit and cleverness to take on. Creating a bathroom which serves in function and look at the same time is something you might just need in your home. Considering the fact that you have limited space to work with, every single element in the small bathroom has to serve to purpose in function in other to help conserve the space.

First, add extra storage. Show off your beautiful colorful towels on an open shelf instead of keeping them in the cabinets. This will add color and charm to your bathroom and allows you to get rid of unnecessary furniture. Also, stack up floating shelves together to avoid wasting space. For extra available storage, stacking wooden crates, drilling them into the wall simply placing them on the floor helps obtain it.

When it comes to luxury small bathrooms, functionality is important. Due to limited space, small bathrooms are easily filled with unwanted messes. Therefore, be sure to only add design pieces that function to serve a purpose otherwise you might end up adding unnecessary stuff that will end up cluttering the whole place. The examples would be like installing a hamper underneath your sink and freeing up more counter space by keeping instead of displaying your personal products out in the open.

Next, plan your colors properly. When painting a small bathroom, understand that neutral colors tend to give it a more calming and soothing effect. It also makes it more aesthetically pleasing if compared to accent colors. Besides, neutral colors are also generally suitable for forming the base of small bathrooms. To add more creativity and sophistication to luxury small bathrooms, you can use nice texture and intricate patterns to do so.

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