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Terraced Garden Ideas It might be confusing to find the best terraced garden ideas when you think to rebuild the outdoor space of your house. If you don’t have a large outdoor space but want to make the best out of it, you will surely be inspired by the minimalist ideas. The minimalist style is not only the best solution for your small outdoor space, but it will also bring out the clean and trendy look in your garden. There are so many methods that you can apply to get the minimalist look for your terraced garden. It starts from choosing the wooden furniture and some pillows or maybe builds the minimalist fountain and water bodies for the elegant addition to your outdoor space.

The minimalist garden style is the method to make the little space looks outstanding. But the design of minimalist garden with classic and elegant touch by the professional designer can be so expensive to be adopted. You can be creative instead. Make your own design and build it with the affordable materials. That won’t be a problem as long as you understand the rules to create the minimalist look as one of your terraced garden ideas.

The first rule to be remembered about the minimalist style is to create boundaries because the restriction is one of the important aspects of minimalist design. For the colors, neutral accents are not only popular, but they will also give the calming look for your garden. Combine it with some unpainted metal panels. It will give you more natural minimalist garden nuance. You also need to remember to limit the materials and the colors, so you will not get in trouble to the simple yet clean look. Timber can be the option for your decking and fencing material. Place only three kinds of planting for your minimalist terraced garden ideas and choose the monochromatic plantings such as alchemilla mollis, euphorbia schillingii, artemesia powis castle, phyllostachys nigra and perovskia blue spire.

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Summer House Ideas – Garden Shed – Summer House for Garden

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